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The majority of sports halls and ice rinks, in common with arenas of all types, have the same problem – finance. There are very few such facilities that break even; and in the majority of cases it is the taxpayer who has to cover the deficit.

The best and simplest solution is, of course, to increase income, i.e. use the facility for events other than sport. And preferably for those which generate a decent rental income, such as concerts, events and conferences.

But that makes it vital to solve the problem of the floor. Ice rinks have cold and slippery ice which must be insulated, sports halls and arenas have vulnerable floors that cannot cope with stiletto heels or heavy boots. There are two obvious solutions, either cover the floor/ice with lots of small sheets, or use one protective mat on a roll, such as Rinktex from Nordifa.

The advantage of Rinktex is that the ice can be covered fast. The famous international sports arena Scandinavium in Gothenburg transforms its ice hockey rink into a concert hall in two hours. And it is just the same at other large Swedish arenas – Globen, Kinnarp arena, the bandy hall in Lidköping and more.

The Arena Vesterhavet in southwest Sweden was one of the first to use Rinktex to protect the vulnerable floor in its sports hall when the premises are being used for other purposes. The mat is used for Christmas shows, concerts and similar events.