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About Nordifa


It is no coincidence that product developers, industrial designers and operating engineers looking for a reliable partner opt for Nordifa. No other company has come up with solutions for businesses in such a wide range of sectors.

That means we can offer reliable performance, fast start-up and affordability. The fact that we work with many different applications for textiles – not just one – means that our customers benefit from valuable cross-fertilisation. We always start from the intended function of the product – absorbing, draining, attenuating, filtering, protecting, transporting, sealing, etc.

This often leads us into the role of discussion partner and problem solver. Since our manufacturing chain covers all stages from fibre to function, we can customise products to our customers’ particular needs. The answer to our customers’ really tricky problems often lies in new technology, new raw materials or new processes. That is why we work in close partnership with leading international fibre manufacturers to ensure that we are the first to gain access to the very latest products.

It goes without saying that Nordifa holds ISO quality and environmental certification. This means that all parts of the operation have been audited in detail – from purchases of raw materials to customer satisfaction. The goal is to make constant improvements to achieve an even higher level of efficiency and quality.


Nordifa develops, produces and sells textile products for industrial applications. The company has a fully-integrated manufacturing chain for both needled and pressed felt, as well as for woven special products. This gives Nordifa a unique ability to tailor its products to the diverse needs of its customers.

Nordifa is dedicated to problem-solving. Whether this involves filter material with a long service life and the ability to withstand the high temperatures experienced in a steelworks, a military boot which has to be warm and comfortable to wear at –40 °C, or tennis flooring which has to be gentle on the player’s body and provide a great sound environment in an arena, we will find the right solution.

Nordifa always works in partnership with its customers. We start from the process in which the product is to function, and then bring our experience and textile know-how to bear. This often leads to innovative products that generate savings, improve efficiency or create a better environment.

Pressure-moulding is one of Nordifa’s specialist areas. The method allows us to produce innovative products in a single-step process, which makes the most of the aesthetic, durable and noise-dampening properties of textiles.
Nordifa is based at the Flygstaden industrial estate in Halmstad.

The Nordifa Group is owned by Robert Bornefalk with family.