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Textile machine components

A lot of people still seem to think that textiles are used only for decor and clothing. In reality, the bulk of the textiles produced are used in industrial applications. The automotive industry uses large quantities of textiles, and the same is true for manufacturing, the heating, ventilation & sanitation industry, and for the construction industry.

The material is uniquely strong and flexible, it has an attractive feel and is availible in a wide choice of colours, so it can be used widely – from sound attenuating screens, wall panels and furniture to advanced machine components.

When a designer requires a specific function in a machine, product or process, textiles are often the solution. Low weight, unlimited design flexibility, chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, high strength – the list of properties and advantages goes on. This makes textiles a serious alternative in many applications to materials such as rubber, metal, plastic, wood and more.

Pressed felt is a unique product with unsurpassed advantages for applications such as lubricating felt, braking felt and striking felt, as well as for vibration damping.

Nordifa is the Nordic Region’s only manufacturer of pressed felt.


• Stripping, drying and polishing felt
• Shielding and protection
• Brake felt
• Noise attenuating
• Fluidisation
• Flow regulation – air and liquids
• Slip and slide protection
• Compensators
• Packaging and sealing
• Lubrication felt
• Splash guards