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She was born in 1923 in New Kensington, USA, and trained as a chemist. Stephanie was recruited by DuPont in 1946, and she remained with them until 1986.

In 1966, jointly with Herbert Blades, she developed a new para-aramid fibre, which eventually became known as Kevlar. Twenty years later, she shared the National Medal of Technology and Innovation for her discovery.

Kevlar is a unique material with very special properties. It is expensive, but the material is many times stronger than steel, is dimensionally stable, does not conduct electricity and can withstand high temperatures. Kevlar is widely used as a reinforcement in composites, as well as in body armour, vehicle tyres, as a loudspeaker membrane and as a filter material.

When Nordifa is developing products where high strength is a requirement, Kevlar is always one of the alternatives we look at.

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