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The chemicals group, Evonik, is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of synthetic fibres for technical applications. One of their exclusive products is P84 – a fibre with unique properties offering major advantages for filtration – trilobal fibre profile which ensures a large active area providing higher arrestance, excellent resistance to chemicals and low energy consumption thanks to its small pressure drop.

Nordifa collaborates closely with Evonik – both in finding new applications and in providing feedback from experience in the field.

Evonik’s chemists are active in research and innovation. This has led to the development of the new P84 HT fibre. In addition to all the well-known benefits that P84 provides, it can now cope with continuous operation at temperatures as high as 280°C, while retaining its flexibility and showing no demonstrable dimensional changes.

Nordifa is the only manufacturer in the Nordic Region which has a complete production chain, from fibre to function. And we have considerable experience in manufacturing filter bags from traditional P84 material for high-temperature applications.

What benefits can the new P84 HT offer for your operation? Please get in touch, and we can discuss operating conditions and choice of materials. We look forward to hearing from you.