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Textile Machine Components

Low weight, unlimited design flexibility, chemical resistance, temperature tolerance, strength – textiles are a unique material which provide the designer with totally new opportunities. This makes textiles a better alternative in many applications than rubber, metal, plastic, wood and more.


Industrial filtration is no longer just a matter of complying with the environmental standards set by the authorities, but is focusing more and more on raising productivity, saving energy and increasing revenues. This means that standard solutions are no longer sufficient. It requires products which are specially tailored to the customer’s processes.


In just a couple of hours, Rinktex transforms an arena, ice rink or sports hall into a versatile venue for concerts, exhibitions or indoor sports. The Bolltex Elite tennis floor is gentle on the body, which makes it the exerciser’s favourite. Easy to care for and attractive as well.


Moulded felt is perfect for manufacturing furniture, furniture components and acoustic equipment. The freedom of shape, the textile feel and the exciting properties of textiles bring many designers to Noridifa’s door. But more are welcome, and we love challenges.

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At last, there is a polyester material which meets today’s environmental requirements.

Polyester is a versatile plastics material which has endless uses – from clothing and interior furnishings to construction materials and machine components. Until now, however, worn out items have been difficult to deal with. The reason is the complicated structure of...

Why not make friends with a new fabrication material?

Moulded felt is used not just to make noise reducing lamps, like the one in the picture, but also for hat racks, panels in cars, screens between workstations, noise reducing covers and cases, and much, much more. The material is self-supporting – in fact, we...



It is no coincidence that product developers, industrial designers and operating engineers looking for a reliable partner opt for Nordifa. No other company has come up with solutions for businesses in such a wide range of sectors.

That means we can offer reliable performance, fast start-up and affordability. The fact that we work with many different applications for textiles – not just one – means that our customers benefit from valuable cross-fertilisation. We always start from the intended function of the product – absorbing, draining, attenuating, filtering, protecting, transporting, sealing, etc.

This often leads us into the role of discussion partner and problem solver. Since our manufacturing chain covers all stages from fibre to function, we can customise products to our customers’ particular needs.
We work with natural materials, synthetics and recycled fibres. Our process is dry – with no chemical additives. And all waste is used either for producing energy or in new products.

The answer to our customers’ really tricky problems often lies in new technology, new raw materials or new processes. That is why we work in close partnership with leading international fibre manufacturers to ensure that we are the first to gain access to the very latest products.

It goes without saying that Nordifa holds ISO quality and environmental certification. This means that all parts of the operation have been audited in detail – from purchases of raw materials to customer satisfaction. The goal is to make constant improvements to achieve an even higher level of efficiency and quality.