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Nordifa’s Björn Åberg and David Ahlkvist were welcomed to the Bondex stand by the CEO Brian Little, the owner Ted Andrew legends in the filtration sector.

The seminar programme during Filtech 2019 in Cologne covered hundreds of topics, ranging from practical experience of practical cases to advanced research results from across the world.

Many of the presentations dealt with various approaches for improving the performance of filter materials.  These often involved various types of surface treatment, impregnation, membranes and controlling how the filter cake is built up and maintained.

Various methods of measuring the pore size of filter materials were also discussed.  It was no accident that Nordifa announced that the company would be collaborating with the US company, Bondex, whose Hydrolox filter material is manufactured using a process known as hydro-entangling. This is a water-based method which produces smaller pores and a more even structure than traditional needling. This results in a corresponding improvement in the material’s performance.

Is Hydrolox the solution to your filtration problem? Please get in touch and we can tell you more about the properties of the material and the advantages it gives in areas such as arrestance efficiency and pressure drop.  Hydrolox is supplied in all the raw materials used in industrial dust arrestance.

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