Sports surfaces

Our most important product is Rinktex – a smart, insulating material which can be laid on ice. Rinktex enables an arena or ice rink to be put to other uses, increasing the owner’s revenue.

Our Bolltex Elite tennis flooring is gentle on the body, which makes it ideal for people who play for relaxation and exercise. It is particularly popular with hall owners who want to reduce noise and cut maintenance costs.

Business area Sports surfaces also includes specially-developed materials for miniature golf at family and elite level, as well as bowls.

Surface cover

All arenas and ice halls need to generate income. In just a couple of hours, Rinktex transforms an arena, ice rink or sports hall into a versatile venue for concerts, exhibitions or indoor sports. Rinktex is used by leading arenas such as the the Ericsson Globe, Scandinavium, Kinnarp Arena and many others. Rinktex can be laid straight onto ice or floor, and then all you have to do is add chairs or grandstand seating before opening the doors to the public. Naturally you can cover just part of an ice rink and leave the rest as bare ice. 

Tennis flooring

Bolltex Elite absorbs noise and keeps the sound level in the hall at a comfortable level. The floor is soft and, consequently, gentle on the body. If your club attracts leisure and young players, Bolltex Elite is the natural choice. Choose form several different colour combinations to give your hall that special look. Bolltex Elite is extremely durable and retains its playing properties for many years. The flooring is easy to clean and vacuum to keep it looking fresh. Bolltex Elite comes in wide rolls which leave fewer joints and speeds up the installation process. Also available as a portable tennis floor.


Felt is kind to both clubs and balls. It is easy to keep clean and the courses make the venue look pleasant and attractive. Golftex I is an ideal course surface for camping sites and similar venues. It is a hardwearing product, made from high-quality synthetic fibre, and is resistant to both sunlight and rain. Golftex II provides an even friction and a true roll direction, so it is recommended for competition courses. Golftex II consists of a hardwearing, easy-care surface layer and an elastic, springy layer that prevents the mat becoming compressed and ensures that it maintains its elasticity for many years. 

Carpet curling and bowls

Carpet curling is played on special carpets which can be rolled out quickly. Carpet curling is particularly popular with senior citizens associations which include keep-fit activities in their programmes, as well as in many schools. Nordifa delivered its first carpet curling carpet in 2000. The latest carpets have perfect glide, are wrinkle-free and have clear, durable markings. Bowls was introduced in Sweden in 2005, and is growing slowly but surely year-on-year. It is played indoors on specialist matting. 


The installation of sports flooring, particularly tennis flooring, requires experience and the right tools. Our service department knows all the tricks and is happy to undertake the installation. When a tennis floor has been used for a number of years, there is normally some wear and tear, particularly at the serve points. We can replace worn court sections with new material, and the repair will be virtually invisible. Contact us for more information.

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