All parts of the Nordifa production process are flexible and can be varied within wide limits. This provides unrivalled opportunities to create products which satisfy the customers’ needs and wishes in the minutest detail.

Fibre blending and mixing

The fibre material must be blended and mixed extremely carefully to ensure that every square metre of felt has exactly the same properties. Our specially-designed blending and mixing equipment guarantees that even very small quantities of fibre are evenly distributed throughout the whole volume of fibre. Fibre material for weaving yarn is blended and mixed equally carefully.

Carding and wadding

The fibres are first carded into thin layers which are laid on top of each other and carded together to form a wad. This method is unique to Nordifa. We can also select a laying pattern and combine layers with different properties – colour, fibre dimension, temperature resistance etc. Nordifa’s wadding is uniquely wide.


The wads are processed using barbed needles which increase the density of the felt with each pass. Specialist machines are used for weaving and knitting, which guarantees that the finished material has exactly the right density, weight and thickness. Various finishing treatments are used to give the material the correct surface structure, dimensional stability, wear resistance etc.

Making-up and pressure moulding

After cutting, the material is processed by special machines which give the end-product the precise dimensions and shape required. The pressure moulding process involves pressing a special felt against a mould which gives the final product the desired shape. Finally, the product is trimmed in a fully-automated robot station.


A range of treatments – impregnation, calendaring, thermo fixing, coating etc. – are used to give the material the precise surface structure, dimensional stability, resistance to wear etc. required.

Testing and documentation

To finish, the quality and dimensions are checked carefully. We follow the procedures set out in our ISO-based quality system. All stages of the process are documented.

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