Unique fibre profile increases arrestance

The P84 textile fibre produced by the German firm, Evonik, has been used for many years for the high-temperature filtration of flue gases. The fibre can be used at operating temperatures of up to 260°C. Typical applications are flue gas treatment for cement production, waste incineration etc.

One of P84’s unique characteristics is the special, irregular fibre profile. This provides a number of advantages, including each fibre having a significantly larger active surface area than a traditional round fibre. But the fibre profile has other advantages, which were recently presented by Evonik’s engineers at a filtration conference in the USA.

In comparison with round fibre, the P84’s fibre profile generates a much lower flow rate around each individual fibre. This ensures that the electrostatic forces have a greater chance of affecting the dust particles.

Evonik’s engineers have shown that arrestance is significantly higher with P84 than it is with filter media manufactured from round fibres. Arrestance of mercury is 10–15% higher.

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