DOTE – designer team that focuses on pets.

Dote is a new initiative, dedicated to pets and the families that live with them. During the London Design Festival in September, the designer duo behind Dote, Nic Wallenberg and Helena Hedenstedt, previewed a collection of innovative and environmentally friendly products strongly featuring felt from Nordifa.

Felt has a number of properties which are attractive for Dote’s products. It is largely manufactured from recycled plastic, and contains no raw materials from animals, but perhaps most important of all, pets really take to the material.

An excellent example of this is Dote’s versatile wall modules, which are designed to maximise cats’ well-being indoors, without taking up floor space. The structure of the felt enables a cat to climb, sharpen its claws and take a warm, well-insulated nap – all in a single product. The wall modules will be launched before Christmas, and will be on sale in Dote’s e-shop, dote.co.'

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