Can you dance the salsa on Rinktex?

Many of the sports arenas being built today are “multi-halls”. This means in practice that, for financial reasons, it must be possible to use the arena for a wide range of purposes, not just for various sports. Multi-halls have either ice or delicate and expensive flooring, and have to cope with spiked track shoes.

It goes without saying that ice or sports floors are totally unsuitable as floors for concerts or exhibitions. For that reason, the ice or floor must be equipped with some form of cover.

The first choice is Nordifa’s Rinktex – a thick, insulating synthetic fibre mat which is supplied on a roller and is really fast to deploy. The professional team at the Scandinavium Arena can convert the hockey rink into a concert hall in just a couple of hours.

One growth market is Eastern Europe, where people get straight to the point. The strangest question we have ever had came from Russia: “Can you dance the salsa on Rinktex?”

Yes, you obviously can, but we do recommend laying a special dance floor over Rinktex. Otherwise there is a real risk that the slide step won’t quite come off....

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