Concept car with hand-moulded interior

Geely Design is an international organisation which designs cars, both for the new marque, Lynk & Co, and for its owners – the Chinese Group, Geely. They are also working, perhaps a little oddly, on taxis for London.

The operation in Gothenburg, however, is focused solely on the Lynk & Co marque, and the team there collaborates with CEVT (China Euro Vehicle Technology AB) which develops platforms for Lynk & Co, Geely and Volvo Cars.

The new Lynk & Co 01 car has been called the world’s most connected car. Geely Design has also developed a saloon model, known as Lynk & Co 03. The cars sold under the Lynk & Co name will be sold through their own retail outlets and on the Internet. They are also thinking of introducing a totally new way of owning a car – a subscription system.

On top of this, Geely Design has developed the Lynk & Co Concept Car, which is loaded with innovation and new technologies. As you would expect, much of this is secret, but we can reveal that a number of the interior fittings are produced from Nordifa’s moulded felt, which is hand-moulded by the project designers.

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