Smart solution for noise reduction in restaurants

The Fiskekrogen restaurant on Lilla Torget has been a culinary institution in Gothenburg since early in the last century. Guests for whom fish and shellfish are a genuine passion flock to this classic building. Since 1996, the restaurant has been run by Lars Ahlström – one of the brightest stars in the West Coast’s gourmet universe.

But not everything has been peace and tranquillity. It is often the case that restaurants in old houses have stone walls and stone floors, and this does not make for an enjoyable acoustic environment. Over to Fredrik Wendt, of the W8 Hotel Design Group, who worked on the interior of Fiskekrogen:

– I have a great deal of experience, both as a musician on stage and in taking care of restaurant guests. For years now, I have been working as an interior decorator focusing on hotels and restaurants, where the acoustics are a vital part of creating the perfect environment.

– The challenge is to combine the premises, furniture, lighting, floor and textiles into an experience which is appropriate for the purpose of the premises. Obviously, we bring in acousticians when we need to, but in most cases, my experience as a musician is sufficient – if the acoustic environment is wrong, I can hear it immediately.

– To get the acoustics at Fiskekrogen in Gothenburg right, several hundred metres of sound absorbing material were required. We selected Nordifa’s Nordiform acoustic felt, which we cut and fitted under the tables, and this was enough. Sometimes it really is as simple as that,” concludes Fredrik Wendt.

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