The acoustic felt that the professionals love

One of the up-and-coming players on the Swedish acoustics market is Quiet Solutions Sweden AB, based in Ekerö. Over the past few years, the company has created excellent acoustic environments for customers, including Skanska’s new head office at Kungsholmen in Stockholm, professional music studios and the Grand Auditorium in Uppsala University’s Main Building, a project recently completed.

“Leading acousticians insist on our products and materials, citing their excellent acoustic properties”, says Adam Gistedt, Development Manager at Quiet Solutions Sweden AB. Our close collaboration with Nordifa’s experts is a major contributory factor in our success; we share a clear professional curiosity and a willingness to find solutions to problems, and this results in highly effective materials and products.” Quiet Solutions’ acoustic felt, which is manufactured by Nordifa, is our flagship sound-absorbing material. It is built up in three layers, and thanks to the felt’s unique ability to absorb and effectively reduce reverberations in a room, it has become a firm favourite for many acoustics consultants.

“You don’t need any instruments to notice the difference before and after,” says Adam Gistedt. “A simple clap test demonstrates how the reverberation period is shortened so that only the original pure sound remains.”

In many cases, it is sufficient to apply Alipol to a limited area to ensure an acceptable acoustic environment in areas such as offices, restaurants and schools. For premises such as concert halls, theatres etc., it is best to bring in acousticians and acoustics experts to ensure results.

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