Nordifa has been developing, producing and selling high-class filter media for dust extraction, fluid filtration and ventilation longer than any other company. We are happy to take complete responsibility for whole installations, including any accessories required. Our service organisation knows what the industry requires and ensures that both planned servicing and emergency repairs are carried out with the same high level of quality and are finished on time.

This area is developing rapidly, and we play a key role as the link between the world’s leading fibre manufacturers and discerning users in various sectors.

Dust and flue gas filtration

It is no coincidence that the leading heating and district heating power plants (incineration plants), iron and steelworks, wood processing operators, foundries, tarmac and cement producers choose Nordifa. We know what is important in a wide range of industrial processes, and this know-how puts us ahead of the competition. In  most cases, we have dealt with similar processes or requirements before. Our customers benefit from customised solutions that don’t cost the earth.

Filter tubes, filter bags

We work with all available raw materials – polypropylene, polyamide, polyacrylonitrile, polyester, PPS, meta aramid, polyimide, PTFE, glass and more. Usually, we recommend raw materials and take charge of production, but we are happy to supply semi-manufactured filter media to companies that prefer to do their own manufacturing. We supply either just the raw material, cut into the width of the customer’s choice, or as cut material, ready for making-up.

Fluid filtration

It is always the properties of the filter cloth – service life, capacity,  filtration efficiency etc. – which determine the result. Our needled filter cloths are used for an increasing number of demanding applications, but we also supply woven filter media made to our specifications by leading specialist weaving mills. To ensure that the products’ properties meet our customers’ requirements, we carry out both finishing and making-up in-house.

Filter cartridges

Our Nordicell® compact filter provides customers with a number of important benefits:
Better capacity and around 50% longer service life than traditional cartridges
Less clogging thanks to straight, easy-to-clean channels
Easy to fit thanks to lower weight
Filter area from 10 to 25 m2
Self-supporting design – new tensioning system
No mechanically abrasive support profiles


We focus solely on industrial ventilation. All products, irrespective of filter type and filter class, are robust, with a long service life and are cost-effective in demanding industrial environments. Our own  Nordicarb® carbon filter cartridge is a unique product that completely eliminates undesirable odours, such as the smell of fuel in airport terminals. The cartridge design makes maximum use of the carbon while preventing fitters from having to deal with messy carbon powder.


The right substrate can be essential to the service life and function of the filter material. For dust filtration, for example, this involves the support sleeves, and for fluid filtration, the filter press plates. We have put together our own range of accessories, which work perfectly in combination with our various filter materials. Our accessories are designed not to damage the filter material, are manufactured from durable materials and have a smooth surface which resists both chemicals and high temperatures. 


A filter system must be monitored and maintained to ensure that it works efficiently and without problems. Regular inspections and preventive maintenance mean that any damage and minor faults can be rectified before major problems arise. For effective dust filtration, both the filter material and the support sleeve must have very precise dimensions and be correctly installed. Customers who want total peace of mind choose Nordifa’s total care package, where we inspect the installation, remove the used filter material, and supply and fit new filter material, with the right accessories.

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