Advanced industrial textiles

Textiles in general, and felt in particular, are the design material of the future. As a material, it is uniquely flexible and can be used anywhere – for noise-dampening screens, wall panels and furniture to advanced machine components.

Interior and furniture designers love the opportunities presented by our pressure-moulding technique. Many products have won awards and been highly successful.

Machine components

Low weight, unlimited design opportunities, chemical resistance, temperature resistance, a high level of durability – the list of properties and benefits offered by textile materials goes on and on. Consequently, textiles are often a serious alternative to plastic, metal, rubber and many other materials. And we know what a designer wants…


One of the main benefit of using textiles is the almost endless choice of design and colour they provide. A number of famous designers, interior decorators and office furniture manufacturers have already discovered that textiles create beautiful milieu with a truly natural feel. And when form and colour are combined with the soundproofing properties of the material, the result is highly innovative and multifunctional interior decor components. Anything from advanced moulded screens in any design and size, to silent floors and smart acoustic panels. 

Distribution and filtration

Filter materials are soft, which makes them ideal for use in distributing pressure. One application which requires excellent pressure distribution properties, temperature resistance and resistance to hydrolysis is mangle felt for the laundry industry. Our range includes products suitable for both older and newer mangles, as well as all accessories. Textiles can also be successfully used as diffusers in ventilation systems where the textile material also provides additional air purification. Their ability to distribute air and liquid is also used in irrigation systems.

Wiping, braking and drying

Durability and high resistance to heat make felt ideal for use as a “brake pad” to slow down or stop the flow of material in a production chain.  In cold rolling sheet metal, wiredrawing and cutting sheet metal, our products are also used as wipers. They are used for the same purpose when high-quality pipes must be cleaned during the production process. Specially-designed felt products are used as wipers in the papermaking industry. The same requirements, i.e. that the material must be extremely even and absolutely free from foreign particles, apply to polishing.

Furniture and furniture components

Pressure-moulded felt is the perfect material from which to make furniture and furniture components. The endless choice of shape, the charm of textiles and the exciting properties of the material have drawn well-known designers to Nordifa.   The products can also be combined with woven fabrics or jersey, and laminated with other materials. The applications are endless; from noise-absorbers and lampshades to textile-feel drawer inserts. A combination of material and production techniques can be used to produce unique chairs and stools.

Conveyer belts and goods carriers

Textile conveyor belts can tolerate high temperatures, do not damage the items being transported and can withstand aggressive chemicals. Our textile conveyor belts and goods carriers are used in every conceivable production process: from paper, plastics and timber to food and chemicals. For transporting granular material, a fluidisation technique is frequently used, which involves the granular material being transported on a cushion of air. Our fluidisation cloth has an air permeability which is carefully dimensioned for granular material, machine construction and compressors.

Screening and protection

In the workplace and in the community, there is a need to separate and protect activities from each other. Textile products frequently offer an effective and simple solution. The same requirement exists in machinery, apparatus and vehicles. This  may involve, for example, office screens to enable people to speak on the telephone and use machines without disturbing their colleagues, privacy screens and protection against splashes, sun and unwanted noise. The same requirements exist with respect to machinery, gadgets and vehicles.


The self-supporting, durable and recyclable properties of pressure-moulded textile materials make them ideal for interior fittings for all types of vehicles. Its high dimensioning accuracy makes moulded felt ideally suited to large scale vehicle production, while the choice of material as well as the manufacturing process means that the product also meets strict environmental standards. We are familiar with the automotive industry’s need for quality and reliable deliveries. Our products are used in Swedish and German quality cars, as well as in the production of roof liners for tractors etc. Naturally, we can also develop and produce products for specialist applications, such as military vehicles.

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